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Here are some not so usual images of Magicians I have come across.
This collection will try to focus on pre Twentieth Century images with it's major focus on
Mediaeval, Renaissance and Ethnic performers.

"The Conjurer" Attributed to a Student of Masaccio
Recently discoverd this painting is believed to have been done around 1460 making it the oldest known portrait of a magician
"The Conjurer" by Hieronymus Bosch. Late 15th century.
An interesting note to this picture is that if you look closely the small child is holding what is described as a pinwheel. However in the November 1995 edition of "GENII" there is an article by Tony Giorgio about a painting by Velasquez showing a jester named Calabazas holding the exact same device. According to the article this device is not a pinwheel but in fact an primitive air foil that flies quite well when spun.
"The Juggler" by Hieronymus Bosch (1460? - 1516)
Pen and Ink Sketch for the painting above.
"The Children of the Planets, Luna" unknown artist 1480
Many images of conjurers can be found in Zodiac and Astrological texts of the 15th century. Cancer the Crab who's guiding planet is the moon or "Luna" watches over Runners, Jugglers, Fishermen, Mariners, Wandering Scholars, Fowlers, Barbers, Painters, and all that live by the Water.
"The Harem" Achille Boschi
"Une Soiree Oisive au Serail" Giacomo Mantegazza 1876
I know nothing about this image other that it is a novel way to perform the linking rings. The book I found it in is in Italian and I can find nothing on the web about the artist or the painting. It is a partial image of the complete picture as it spanned two pages in the book. The missing section shows the single resplendently attired and be throned male that makes up the audience.

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