Calamity Payne King of the cowboy Conjurers
Calamity Payne and a Bear

Calamity Payne's
Wild West
Wonder Show

Is the Rootenist Tootenist Magic Show this side of the Peco's
Not since the days of the Legendary Mr. Mysterious & Company has anyone West of the Mississippi witnessed the Amazing Presentations of a Prairie Prestidigitator of this caliber.
Known far and wide as a teller of tale tales Calamity Payne also uses his extraordinary skill at the High Art of Conjuring to Dazzle and Amaze both young and old alike.
Fashioned after entertainment's popular during the late 1800s Calamity Payne, King of the Cowboy Conjurers is a fun filled performance that will engage and delight the entire family.

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