Me and my Cast
Professor Payne's
Flea Circus

Hurry, Hurry Hurry! Step right up and Witness the Marvel Of the Modern Age.
You've heard about them on the radio, you've read about them in the magazines, now see one for yourself up close and personal.

The One, the Only, the Eighty-Seventh Wonder of the Word. Professor Payne’s Phantasmagorical Crcus of Performing Fleas.
See with your own eyes Drake as he mounts the Towering High Dive. Thrill at Mademoiselle Nimbus as she flies through the air on her Trapeze and Marvel at Proust the Flea Cannon Ball as he is propelled across the room!

All this and Much, Much More!

Eight BIG Little Acts!

Professor Payne is one of a few brave stalwarts willing and able to bring this classic bit of theatre to your next party or event.

To Engage the Services of Professor Payne for your Upcoming Event
Contact Payne at

or by Email at

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