Payne's Magykes
Payne's Magykes
E xperience the Mirth and Magic of Merrie Olde England as you Marvel at the Skillful and Unique Prestidigitations of the Pacific Northwest's Premier Renaissance Performer,

Master Payne

W itness for yourself Miracles of Rare Device, Wonderworks never before seen and Merriment's to bide away the time.

Y oung and old alike will be equally Entertained by the Wondrous Feats of Legerdemayn presented before them by this Roguish Jongleur.

S ee with thine own eyes the Perplexing Mystery of the Enchanted Cloth from far Cathay, Marvel at the Curious contents of the Mystical Reliquary of Saint Stephen and experience first hand the horror that is the Unspeakable


A delightful and involving act for audiences of all sizes Payne's Natural Magykes is the perfect addition to your next Festival, Feast or Local Witch Burning.

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