Views and Reviews
"You're better than Paul Daniels"
Son of the Master Grounds man
Sudeley Castle , Cheltenham England 1988
Cups and Balls at the 2005 PCAM
Busking in Venice

". . . the highlight of the night was Master Payne, the big bearded magician. His magic ranged from changing a handkerchief from yellow to red to shoving a knife through a lucky volunteers neck."
Pacific Daily News
Guam, October 3rd, 1995

An old picture of me at Camlann Faire
The Bumbershoot of Beelzebub!
My Doctor told me to cut down on the food
So now I'm eating light!

"Master Payne the Magician. . . swallows fire and accompanies feats of magic with hilarious dialogue that draws the audience into the show"
The Seattle Press
August 12th, 1997

Performing the Dreaded Rams Bladder Trick
At the Snoqualmie Winery
Doing the Severed and Restored Cord
At Wingfield College England

"Master Payne an magician both hilarious and mysterious is a high point in fair entertainment"
Yakima Herald Republic
July 25th 1999

Trying my hand at Falconry
At Holdenby House England
Torturing the garden Statuary
At Groombridge Manor England
Getting Hot with my friend Rena
Mistress of Fire!

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