Wizards Schools International

"Kids love it" Seattle Times Eastside Edition 7/7/00

No Real Wizard Party is Complete Without
The Magical Presence of
Professor Hieronymus Payne!
His unique and engaging performance takes you on a madcap romp through the
Fascinating Secret World of Magic and Wizarding.

Professor Payne has arrived to present an Orientation to all the Lucky First Year Students who are preparing to attend a Wizarding School for the very first time.
His talk will cover a wide range of topics of Great Import to the Fledgling Wizard. The differences between the Real World of Magic and the non-magic world are illustrated as well as an overview of the types of classes one might be required to take. A lucky student might even get to help the Professor mix a magical potion or perhaps try their hand at a first level transformation spell.
Wonders never cease. Simple Spells keep Rubber Balls from Bouncing, Fire Erupts from Magic Textbooks and Future Events are Foretold much to the Delight and Amusement of the Audience.

Professor Hieronymus Payne's Wizard Schools International is an entertaining, engaging and audience participatory performance which draws on themes from various works of popular children's literature.

Payne fully uses his extraordinary skills with magic and story telling to create a truly unique theatrical presentation that will entertain young and old alike.

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